Preparing your boat

Have your existing certificate to hand. This will help me with information about the boat, such as when it was constructed and with the confirmation of the expiry date of your current certificate.

Ensure full access to all gas joints and as much pipe-work as possible (including fuel lines) so that they can be inspected. Gas lockers should be unlocked and clear of other items, and boards and panels removed to give access to the engine and batteries where necessary.

Ensure all the boat systems and appliances are fully functional. Have a fully charged battery and sufficient gas and water to enable a flue spillage test to be carried out on a water heater if one is fitted.

Notify any relevant landowners who may have to give me access so that I can get to the boat’s mooring.

The Boat Safety Scheme

The Boat Safety Scheme is like a boating version of the MOT. It sets standards for boats, their installations and components, which you must meet before obtaining a licence. The scheme is designed to minimise the risks of fires or explosions on boats.
All vessels carrying fuel or fitted with domestic cooking, heating, refrigerating or lighting appliances are required to undergo a BSS examination.
The standards combine essential safety requirements and best safety practice advice. They include criteria for boat systems such as electrical installations, inboard/outboard engines, appliances, ventilation and fuels.
The full set of BSS requirements applies to every boat based on Canal & River Trust and Environment Agency waterways. All new boats should already comply with the requirements. From then on, examinations are required once every four years.


Boat Safety Examination £150
(This includes all administration and travel within the local area of Hebden Bridge on the Rochdale Canal)
Travel beyond the local area – £10
Retest within 1 month – Free (exclusive of gas pressure testing)
Retest within 1 month including gas test – £20
Retest within 1 to 3 months – £40
Payment is required on the day of the examination and can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.
Discount for multiple boats tested on the same day at the same location – Please phone for more details.


Ensure you have ample gas to perform the test


If you have a water heater you will need water in the tank to test the appliance